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Honorable Mention

Many in our group have been touched by others whose life and influence remains steadfast in our lives.  This page is dedicated to such people.  If you know someone who should be added, please send us an email with a brief write-up and an image of the person and we will add it, along with the name of the Beirut Vet who is sponsoring the add.

L/Cpl Todd (HOLLY) Hallstrom

“Killed tragically in an automotive accident in Haifa, it was L/Cpl Todd (HOLLY) Hallstrom who made the tape and dedicated the song “Live in Peace” and was killed just weeks later. His family lost him too and I have always tried to bring some attention and recognition to him and remember him with those on the wall. His loss hit our unit very hard as he was with Rudy when Rudy was KIA.”

We shall not forget.

Respectfully, Nicholas Mottola