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We want this project to become a great resource for you and those interested in the Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers of Beirut, 1982 – 1984.  We encourage you to use this form to send us requests or ideas.

As an added feature, you can also send us images or stories to add to our growing repository of Beirut memorabilia.  If/when we use it you will get credit for the donation.

Here’s a list of things you can send:

Photos or copies of letters sent or received

A story you wrote while there, or about your experience thereafter

Links to news articles

Links to other media

Semper Fidelis!


Once your email client is up you can simply attach your file and send it to us for inclusion into our archive pages.

The Mission

The Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF) was an international peacekeeping force created in August 1982 following the 1981 U.S.-brokered ceasefire between the PLO and Israel to end their involvement in the conflict between Lebanon’s pro-government and pro-Syrian factions. The ceasefire held until June 3, 1982 when the Abu Nidal Organization attempted to assassinate Shlomo Argov, Israel’s ambassador to London.  Three days later, Israel reentered the PLO-controlled West Beirut and blockaded the city in order to contain the insurgency. Seven weeks into the blockade, the besieged PLO acceded to a new agreement for their withdrawal. The agreement provided for the deployment of a Multinational Force to assist the Lebanese Armed Forces in evacuating the PLO, Syrian forces and other foreign combatants involved in Lebanon’s civil war.

The four-nation MNF was created as an interposition force meant to oversee the peaceful withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organization.  The participants included the U.S. Multinational Force (USMNF), which consisted of four different Marine Amphibious Units (MAUs); British 1st Dragoon Guards cavalry regiment; the 1st inter-arm Foreign and French Brigade, 4 Foreign Legion Regiments, 28 French Armed Forces regiments including French and Foreign paratroopers, units of the National Gendarmerie, Italian paratroopers from the Folgore Brigade, infantry units from the Bersaglieri regiments and Marines of the San Marco Regiment. Additionally, the MNF was in charge of training various units of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Giving Credit

We wish to thank the many supporters of this project.  We are honored to spearhead this mission as success is the only option.  From great ideas to inspired reflection, your commentary, humor, and Esprit De Corps make this a most rewarding endeavor.

We also thank and give credit to the following:

  1. The BVA
  2. Beirut Vets Online
  3. Miles Ray Films for photography and video work.
  4. Patch design by Harry Cragg
  5. The many great images we have received from a host of folk
  6. Mr. Bill Foley for his excellent photos – just mesmerizing!
  7. The song “Last Hope” by Audioflame
  8. The song “Enter Darkness” by Alistair Fernandes
  9. The song “Whisper Of The Heart” by AG Music
  10. The song “Before The Final Battle” by Christian Andersen
  11. The song “Hope is Here” by Elena Naumova
  12. The song “Honor the Fallen – TAPS”
  13. The track “Gunfire” by Qubodup
  14. The track “Nuclear Explosion” by Ryansnook
  15. Insightful information gleaned from Internet Research and interactions with the Brother-Sister-Family-Hood

This website is intended to bring together the many Survivors and Witnesses to the terrible events of 23 October, 1983, and to become part of American History.  It is intended to help the Producers create a film legacy that will provide insight and healing to those who continue to suffer from PTSD, Depression, Mood Disorders and other Beirut-induced challenges.  We are in this together.

Semper Fidelis.