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3 percent of all contributions will go to our favorite Beirut Charity, Beirut Veterans of America

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We have the ambitious goal of reminding all of America (first) – and then all of the interested world – about the events that have impacted so many on 23 October 1983.  Too many American seem to have forgotten about (or were never made aware of) that day and we are committed to reminding as many folks as possible about the importance of never forgetting.

We can only do it with your support.

Every contribution will help the TCIP Project reach its next phase of development by providing a means for us to secure needed expertise, resources, or legal support to ensure we deliver a lasting legacy all can be proud of.

No donation is too small and every donation is valuable to us.  The minimum donation is a small $5.00.

The best thing we can do is ask you what you think would be a memorable reward for your donation.  We are open to every idea presented to us and will factor them into our discussions on how to make this the best website in America for Beirut Veterans.  Please use the below form to send us your ideas.

NOTE: Our family discount program for perks has ended.  Thank you all for your support.

Semper Fidelis.

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Why is your donation important and how will it be used?  This is a great question, and one that deserves answering.

Your donations are important to the project because they are what will make the difference between success and failure.  We measure success by how many people the project touches and how many of our objectives we meet over the life of the project.  We take into consideration all our other social media collateral, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook engagement.

We will use donations to support the project and help move it into each new phase of development.  This includes:

  • Legal retention
  • Ongoing marketing
  • Licensing
  • Website development and support
  • Social engagement on a multitude of platforms
  • Most importantly, your donations will help the Producers build the right production team and make the Beirut story into a tangible, memorable, and lasting film product.

Until we secure production funding, we are self-funding every part of the project and depend on your support.  Now is the time for America – and beyond – to truly remember the events of 23 Oct 1983 so the generations to come will have a more robust perspective of how Marines lived, fought, and survived during that time in American history.


Feel good knowing 3 percent of EVERY donation will go to the BVA, Inc. Scholarship Fund for our childrens’ benefit.

What matters is that we continue to support one another and use our resources to ensure America does not forget the events and sacrifices of Beirut, 1982 -1984 or the 273 who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Peace. Your donation counts and they help.  We are creating a community of and for Beirut Veterans to paint the picture of our lives during that moment in American history.  We want you to feel a sense of connection and we hope you use to find other buddies. We refuse to let America forget about those we lost and we will not rest until our long-term goal of delivering the story of the heroic Marines of Beirut to the American public.


This is your story.

This is my story.

This is OUR story.


Additionally, we’ve reserved the first 200 spots of our 1st Responders page to place your name and picture when you make a donation (if you so choose).  Why wait?  Get your spot on our 1st Responders Page today!

We can accomplish so much with your support.  Your donation will help us get through the startup phase of the Project and move into the next phase (feature film pre-production).

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