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Here’s a list of helpful service providers you can reach out to.  As ever, if you have any you want us to add, simply send us an email with the relevant information and we will add it.


We understand the problems that come from PTSD, Depression, and Mood disorders derived from this traumatic event, and we are committed to providing information to help.  Simply select this link to call for assistance directly from this page.

Want to know where your nearest VA facility is located?  Use this handy tool to find the nearest VA location.  As a member of the VA you are able to go to any facility (unless there is a specific restriction).

You are home.  This is our place where we share information, connect with old and new friends, and learn about upcoming events.  Your support is vital to keeping our story alive.  Simply select this link to call for assistance directly from this page.

There are a number of FaceBook Groups you can choose from and join.  We encourage you to join all of them if you haven’t already done so.  Here are some links to choose from:

If you know of others please send the link or Facebook page name so we can add.

Want to know the latest news and information on Veterans Affairs and how to get the most out of your VA experience? Need to secure an attorney to represent you? Here’s one to consider: The Veterans News Hour with David C. Cory and Richard Hurley.  Stay informed and know that you always have options.

  • Won the first case before the Board of Veteran’s Appeals (Federal Court) linking PTSD with the knowledge that a veteran was being contaminated by the water at Camp Lejeune.

We support the many different craftsmen and entrepreneurs who regularly create memorabilia that keep our Event in the minds of Americans everywhere.  We want to support you in any way possible.  If you are a craftsman, or if you know of a craftsman, who develops Beirut 1983 collateral, please email us the following information so we can add to this list.

We need: Name of person, Facebook or website url, Image of item(s) sold, Description of item(s) sold, and Email address.

Photos compliments of D.C. “Craig” Renshaw

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